Typographic Circle

The aim of Typographic Circle is to unite professionals and young designers.
It is represented through a typographic exploration, with the set of publications and posters allowing individual circles to interconnect to form a texture.
Each booklet and poster is made up of the designer’s quotes.

Jonathan Barnbrook
Barnbrook's typically critical and opinionated approach to design is used as a mechanism
to create and counter his own dislike for Helvetica. I have created a bespoke typeface by
combining Helvetica with Barnbrook Gothic to challenge his perspective.

Angus Hyland
Hyland’s success as an art director and as a great collaborator requires the ability to flow,
connect and control in a team. Italics also flow together to create beautiful outcomes.

Anthony Burrill
Burrill works with simple block colours using traditional printing methods to produce his
powerful work. I demonstrated his concept by flipping and joining letter forms in the same way
it would have been done in the early stages of letter-pressing.

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