100 Films 100 Posters
Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF)
Exhibitions are held in JeonJu & Seoul, S/Korea (2017)

Wired Magazine
Interview 'Lost in Konglish', USA (2016)

It's nice that
Interview 'Lost In Konglish', UK (2016)

Featured 'Lost in Konglish' (2016)

Featured 'posters', DE (2016)

Featured 'Lost in Konglish', 'Typographic Portrait' and Poster for 'Sonnenzimmer' - Link (2016)

Next Shark
Featured 'Lost in Konglish' (2016)

Exhibition at Offener Raum gallery, DE (2016)

ADAA Semifinalist, USA (2016)

Clash & Harmony
Participated an Exhibition 'Clash & Harmony' at Calarts, USA (2016)

Designed several posters for REDCAT Theatre, USA (2016)

Participated Australian Infront '15 years of celebration', AUS (2013)

GraphicDesign& 'Everything'
Took part in Design Museum 'Take Over', UK (2012)

London Design Festival with Studio 'Build'
Volunteer for Build 'Sweat & 11years' at LDF, UK (2012)

Take Shape at Dray Walk Gallery
Curating the Exhibition as a Part of Free Range, UK (2012)

Creative Review
Featured 'Typographic Experiment', UK (2012)

Take Shape
Exhibition at Dray Walk, Part of Free Range, UK (2012)

Kingston Degree Show
Degree Show at Knights Park Campus, UK (2012)

Royal Society of Art
Short Listed for RSA 'Mobile-Medicine', UK (2012)

Kingston, The Faculty of Art, Design& Architecture,
Featured 'Olympic Poster', UK (2012)

9 till 12 (Photography Publication)
Featured '9 till 12 photography', UK (2012)

9 till 12 (Photography Exhibition)
Exhibition at East Gallery, UK (2012)

The Observer Newspaper
Featured 'Olympic Poster', UK (2012)

Exhibition 'Typographic Portrait' at Victorian Vaults, UK (2012)

Creative Review
Featured 'Olympic Poster', UK (2012)

KK Outlet
Exhibition 'Shop' at KK Outlet, UK (2012)

Public Design project in South Korea
Graphic Designer & Researcher at Professor Choi's Lab in Hanyang Univ,
S/Korea (2007)

WorkShop with HongKong Polytechnic University,
HongKong (2007)

On&Off Exhibition in Zero-One Design Center,
Curating the Exhibition and Packaging Design for Exhibition Products,
S/Korea (2007)

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