Ran has a broad perspective on design, which allows her to balance between concepts and aesthetics.
A "connecting the dots" approach is a part of her process that leads her to think strategically. She always tries to see and understand the bigger picture of the business's needs. Translating strategy into a visual language is one of her strengths.

Ran is an X-shaped creative who inspires and helps others progress toward a goal. However, she is also capable of handling many mediums such as print, packaging, user experience, animation, and is currently diving into 3D worlds.

Ran has lived in five different countries such as South Korea, England, Australia, the US, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Having experienced different cultures has broadened her perspectives as well as aesthetics in her design.

Master candidate in GRAPHIC DESIGN at CalArts, USA. (2015-2016)
B.A. (Hons) in GRAPHIC DESIGN at Kingston University, UK. (Class of 2012)

Currently available for collaboration.
Previously at Meiré und Meiré & MetaDesign.
Ongoing/completed collaboration with Lovers, FAKE AGENCY, Koto StudioBrandmate.io, Babbel, Triad Berlin, Berbach & many more..

For a sneak peek, I had fun working on Ich bin alles, Es beginnt mit Dir, LinzerieAera Bauwens, Zowiac, Flexcon & Cuisinart ...
+Due to non disclosure agreements, I can’t share most of commisioned projects that I have worked on. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries, freelance work, or collaboration. CV & PDF Portfolio available upon request.

E. raninthepark(at)gmail.com

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